XUONII Flat-folding Backpack was our first intent to recreate everyday product by reducing its volume without compromising its function. We were inspired by manipulating and folding paper. The project is about creating a 2D looking object that functions perfectly as a 3D product, whilst creating it in one piece - XUONII Flat-Folding Backpack was the initial idea for what became XUONII Accordion Backpack.


The pattern is cut so that by folding it in half, two superimposed layers create the structure of the bag. The pockets are created by cutting straight lines in the upper layer and then sewing the 2 layers together. The backpack is foldable in 3 movements, by folding the 2 ends towards each other and zipping them together, then folding again in half and closing the bag with the clip.

Prototyping with paper enables to materialise our ideas, hence folding paper and creating accordions with paper was a natural starting point for us. It provides more information on scale and details. The interesting fact of this backpack is the storage system in relation to its space-saving and size qualities, as its unfolded usable surface is 3 times the folded surface.